First location
O'Fallon, Illinois

Located conveniently on Highway 50, come try a slice and taste why Flamentco's: The Place has become a household name in O'Fallon.

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Third location
Scott AFB, Illinois

Located conveniently on Seibert Road in the middle of Shiloh, the Scott Air Force Base, and the Cardinal Creek Golf Course in Illinois.

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The Best Restaurants in O'fallon IL

Our pizza in o’fallon il location is prepared to serve you some of the best pizza you have ever tasted. Our o’fallon location is set up perfectly for carryout or delivery making it a quick and easy way to grab some food and be on your way. This location was pivotal during the pandemic, allowing us to serve customers quickly and easily without having to risk the health and safety of not only our customers, but our staff members as well. There are many restaurants in o'fallon il and we are thankful that each and every one of our customers has given us the opportunity to make them some of the best pizza in St. Louis Metro East area. We appreciate all of the support you have given us during the pandemic and we have worked non-stop to help feed families in need of a good pizza o fallon il. Stop wasting your time at chain restaurants and head over to any of our 3 locations. Treat yourself to the best pizza you have ever had. When we started out to be one of the top restaurants in o’fallon il, we started with believing we had to bring NY Style pizza to o'fallon IL. We make our dough in house with 5 simple ingredients Flour, Water, Sugar, Salt, and Yeast. Import our tomatoes from California, picked at the peak of ripeness, but we don't stop there in creating the best pizza, we also use the best cheese money can buy, produced following strict Italian tradition. Many pizza restaurants claim to be your papa, no daddy issues here. We want to simply bring you the best. We are part of the community and we are here to stay. We sold thousands of pizzas over the years, however there is no pizza as important as the one we make for you and your family. We love sharing our love for food and creating memorable family events by providing catering and other custom food services. Other restaurants in o’fallon il may have a big brand behind them but we have the entire city behind us as we take over pizza in ofallon il and ultimately the Midwest. We believe you should absolutely love the pizza, wings and salads you feed your family. It is no mistake we are rated #1 for pizza and wings in st louis metro area. We also understand that healthy options are needed to ensure we provide a diverse menu offering for all customers that decide to choose our brand. We accomplish this by selling gluten free pizza and a selection of fresh salads, naked wings and fresh cut veggies for all of our specialty pizzas. We offer an inspired pizza line, for example our Scarface pizza is one of a kind, pepperoni, bacon, banana peppers, ricotta, red sauce, mozzarella and Tony’s special seasoning. With so many restaurants in o'fallon il to choose from we want to show you why we are the #1 pizza shop in the area.

Come to our location right outside of Scott AFB

Do you live on or near Scott Air Force Base? Are you tired of chain pizza joints giving you sub-par food? Maybe you live in Shiloh IL and you have little to no good pizza options. Well look no further, our pizza shiloh il location is just outside of Scott AFB and just minutes away. We are a veteran owned business and we opened our Scott Air force base location to bring some joy to the troops in the area. We have traveled the world with the military and we know what its like to be in a food desert searching for the best restaurant, looking for the best wings, or simply searching with the best pizza in the area . When we decided to launch our pizza war in the area we did it on one premise, we are pretty sure you haven’t tried your favorite pizza yet! We packed our menu with many quality items featuring the freshest ingredient and premium cheeses. Did you know many chains use the same cheese company to produce their cheese and they have the company modify it to give the signature browning spots or picture perfect pull when grabbing the slice. Our cheese is produced in WI by Grande cheese company using strict Italian production tradition. We dont play around with providing you one of the best restaurants for pizza Shiloh Il, Our menu is full of some of the most unique pizzas you can think of, and that is not all we serve! If you are a fan of chicken wings you absolutely have to try our many options. If you are looking for the tastiest wings you ever had we recommend you try our Everything wings. Our everything wings are generously sauced. The sauce is ranch based with a mild kick. These wings are so good you may want to slap your mamma, however we highly recommend you don’t, mamas hit back! There aren’t many restaurants in shiloh il that can give you not only the best pizza options, but also wings to help satisfy your chicken wing fix. Just trust me on this, you have never had a pizza like this in your life. The Scarface for example, is covered in our specially made marinara sauce, mozzarella, and provolone. Pepperoni, Bacon, Banana Pepper, and roasted garlic top the pizza with a special addition at the end. We have house made Ricotta cheese seasoned with a unique blend of spices. We are confident that once you sink your teeth into this masterpiece you will be unable to satisfy your tastebuds with just any simple chain pizza shiloh il. Whether you are passing through on military orders or have a business in the area we want to ensure you are getting the best food in the area. We have a wide variety to choose from whether it it's our philly sub with mushrooms, green peppers, and onions smothered with our flamentCo Cheese sauce, or our chicken parm sub made with crispy chicken, red sauce, parm and mozzarella cheese, server on a fresh Fazio roll. We want to be your number 1 choice for pizza!